Script Charts

24-Sep-2018 Analytics-Script Stewart McKie

Script charting is being rationalized so that most charts are delivered in the same way via eCharts

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Script Clouds

22-Sep-2018 Analytics-Script Stewart McKie

Viziscript includes standard script (word frequency) clouds and part of speech analysis and the ability to build-your-own basic script clouds.

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Script Summary Report

21-Sep-2018 Analytics-Script Stewart McKie

When you import a script into Viziscript, a script summary report is produced that you can also access from the script home page

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Scenepad Script Compare

06-Aug-2017 Analytics-Script Stewart McKie

One unusual feature of Scenepad is the capability to do a basic comparison of two scripts: So what's the point?

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Dialog vs. Action Scatter Chart

06-Aug-2017 Analytics-Script Stewart McKie

This chart shows the relative size of each scene in terms of the number of dialog and action snippets

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4 Types of Screenplay Analytics

26-Jul-2017 Analytics-Script Stewart McKie

Principa have defined 4 types of data analytics that can also be usefully applied to screenplay analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive.

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