Wonderunit Storyboarder

24-Jul-2017 Storyboarding Stewart McKie 553

Wonder Unit’s Storyboarder makes it easy to visualize a story as fast you can draw stick figures. You can quickly visualize a shot to see if a story idea works, create and present animatics to others, and workshop your stories without making a movie.

You can import images onto your boards or use one of six pens to draw your storyboard sketch. Metadata about the board can be added in the right hand side panel.

  1. Start a blank storyboard or open a Fountain screenplay.
  2. Start drawing boards using a mouse or wacom open. Or print out
  3. Flip through the boards, play it back, pitch it, make changes.

Don't get slowed down by too many buttons or options. You're here to board stories, not make the next Moner Lisa.

Works with Pens on any tablet or Cintiq or even a Microsoft Surface. Also works with a mouse.

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