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22-Sep-2018 Analytics-Script Stewart McKie 174

Viziscript includes standard script (word frequency) clouds and part of speech analysis and the ability to build-your-own basic script clouds.

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Back in 2005 I created - the first site dedicated to producing word frequency clouds from screenplays.

Viziscript includes a number of standard word clouds and a simple way to create your own custom script clouds.

The standard word analysis includes:

Script Cloud - most frequent words in the script

Parts-of-speech (POS) analysis of the most frequent nouns, verbs and words in the action and dialog snippets.

Use the Build-Your-Own cloud to create a custom script cloud based on:

  • finding the most frequence nouns, verbs or words
  • in the whole script or just the action or dialog snippets
  • specifying the frequency of occurance
  • applying the standard stoplist or not (default = Y)
  • applying a cloud specific stoplist or not (default = N)

Run your custom cloud from the green cloud button on the right of the listing record.

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