Paul Castro Million Dollar Screenwriting Method

17-Jan-2019 Structure Stewart McKie 168

I am adding support for various screenwriting guru methods to Viziscript starting with Paul Castro's million dollar screenwriting method based on his Udemy course.

Method writing is popular with screenwriting gurus. The idea is that if you structure your screenplay in a specific way, the audience will remain engaged with the movie and subsequently the word of mouth will be better so the resulting movie is likely to be more successful.

Of course, method writing was originally popularized by Syd Field's 3-Act structure in the 1970s (based on Aristotle's Poetics). But since then, many other methods and 3-Act variants have been proposed and popularized by a legion of screenwriting gurus.

Paul Castro's method is explained in his Udemy course (see link) and is easy to understand, focusing on various basic concepts and the clear identification by the writer of a series of significant structural beats in the screenplay.

These beats are typically prescriptive in that they should occur on or around specific pages in the screenplay or at specific points in the movie's runtime given the industry convention that 1 page of screenplay equals one-minute of movie runtime. So, for example your 'inciting incident' should happen before page 10 of your script or within the first 10 minutes of the movie.

I have added a simple way to record the Castro method concepts and beats into a table in Viziscript to encourage you to think about this method as part of your screenplay structuring methodology. On the script home page there is now a new panel on the right called Screewriting Methods and the link to the Castro method is listed in the panel. Just click it to go to the form.

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