Re-Import Script

14-May-2019 Script Management Stewart McKie 209

You can now re-import a script to allow for multiple versions of the same script

When you first import a script, you will typically create some metadata to drive various analyses.

If you then import a new version of the same script then all this metadata will be lost as the new script is not linked to the old script metadata.

To help overcome this, there is now a new re-import script button (3rd from left)  in the My Scripts Page that re-imports your new script version and does the following:

  1. Updates the script version number
  2. Adds any new locations or roles (the old ones from the previous version are all preserved) contained in the new version
  3. Deletes the scenes and snippets from the current version and inserts those of the new version so all the previous version scene and snippet content is replaced

Some metadata linked to the script will be lost where it related to previous scene or snippet numbers - for example Act numbers linked to the previous scenes are lost and must be re-entered for the new scenes.

Some locations or roles may be 'orphaned' if they are no longer used in the new scenes.

You can tell if they are orphaned because the location and role pages will show zero (0) scenes linked to them so these locations/roles can be safely deleted if you wish to tidy up the tables.

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