Protagonist vs. Antagonist

21-Sep-2018 Analytics-Role Stewart McKie 233

In Scenepad, once you have identified your Protagonist and Antagonist roles, you can do some basic comparative analysis to identify potential problems with your two main characters.

Using a version of the Training Day (2001) script as an example - mainly because this movie has very clear Protagonist and Antagonist roles - we can see how Scenepad analyzes these roles.

  • Scenes the role speaks in
  • Dialog snippets the role speaks
  • Action snippets the role is mentioned in
  • Sentiment analysis

Based on the results, Scenepad gives some simple 'prescriptive analytics' advice to suggest what might be done to improve these roles.

Here we can already see some anomalies, for example it appears that Alonzo is not a negative enough Antagonist according to the sentiment analysis.

If we apply the same comparative analysis to the script for Alien (1979), it highlights some other problems with this kind of analysis:

  • The Alien does not speak so it registers as being in no speaking scenes and with no dialog

In this case the advice is too simplistic since it does not recognize that the Alien is a non-speaking part.

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