Key Features


Scenepad uses screenplay datafication to help you analyze and visualize your screenplay content.


Scenepad lets you share your script so you can benefit from the wisdom of your crowd.


Scenepad focuses on scene writing because great scene writing helps to create great scriptwriting.


Scenepad imports Final Draft .fdx files and exports PDFs at script, scene, role & location levels.


Scenepad helps you to manage your script coverage, competition submissions and script pitching.


Scenepad is a community where you can share uploaded movie scripts publicly with all users.

Why Scenepad?

Maybe because you are curious and you just want to ask more questions of your script. Yes, I know…quantitative analysis will never replace qualitative analysis of your screenplay content. But hey - you just might learn something.

We've all heard about the wisdom of the crowd. And everyone knows that few produced scripts are solo efforts. So why not use your own crowd to collaborate around your script and help you to make it better?

Scenepad focuses on writing scenes not scripts. That means you can version your scenes, easily move them around in your script, link scenes into common screenwriting structures, download a scene PDF. It's just so much more flexible than legacy scriptwriting.

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Paul Castro Million Dollar Screenwriting Method

17-Jan-2019 Stewart McKie

I am adding support for various screenwriting guru methods to Viziscript starting with Paul Castro's million dollar screenwriting method based on his Udemy course.

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Script Charts

24-Sep-2018 Stewart McKie

Script charting is being rationalized so that most charts are delivered in the same way via eCharts

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Script Clouds

22-Sep-2018 Stewart McKie

Viziscript includes standard script (word frequency) clouds and part of speech analysis and the ability to build-your-own basic script clouds.

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